Drinking water

Our engineering team has great experience in drinking water purification field.

Working on most innovative and effective water treatment solutions company has reached leadership in municipal water treatment plant sector. We have more than 300 references and 150 service agreements within the field of water supply. Capacity of existing plants builded by Watex reach up to 800m3/h. This shows our experience and level of quality.

Many waterworks, companies and households have problems with a number of natural salts and organic substances, particles, and gasses that can be found in the ground water.


Problems Underground water is mainly used for water supply of apartment buildings, villages and cities. In situations where access to water from underground is limited or insufficient, surface water from

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Problems SIA WATEX has a wide product range capable of ensuring chemically and bacteriologically safe drinking water for public sector: hotels, guest houses, recreation centers, factory administrative buildings, hospitals, schools,

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Private households

Problems Many houses, summer houses and farms are located in places that make connection to municipal waterworks unsuitable. These houses are provided with drinking water taken from the underground through boring,

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