Company WATEX SIA provides provides additional services for clients abroad which are :

Water Testing

We perform water testing in our laboratory to find out the water quality and develop a specially suited water filter solution for your needs and wishes. Follow the 3 basic principles described below for taking a water sample for testing... read more



Based on the results of your drinking water testing report (analysis) and your wishes, we develop technical and financial offers. The solutions can be different and are mainly dependant on your water analyis report. If your water analysis have already been completed, feel free to send them to us and we will offer the most suitable water filtration system for your water quality improvement and your requirements.


Technical Support

We provide technical support in regards to the offered solutions operating fundamentals, maintanance in the long-term, use and installation manuals, water filter first start-up videos as well as any other questions the client might have.



Company Watex offers various delivery options. For orders in the Baltic States mainly Omniva parcel and Venipak courrier services are used. For larger orders Venipak pallet delivery is used. For delivery outside of the Baltic States each order delivery costs are calculated and offered by Watex specialists after the order has been placed to make sure that the most cost-effective and operative forwarders are used depending on the destination and order size. In result these options are offered to the client who makes the decision.


After sales support

Watex project managers are always open to client questions and requests about orders as well as questions regarding water quality, Watex water filters and others.