The main WATEX partners in the EU are shown below :

  1. Akvedukt OÜ (Estonia) - wholesale and retail of garden supplies and water supply systems. Distributor of Watex water filters in Estonia. Water samples for testing with Watex services can also be given to Akvedukt branches in Estonia. (






       2. Norsk Pumpeservice AS (Norway) - Water supply products and systems; borehole drilling and drilling equipment. (


      3. Profivoda S.R.O. (Czech Republic) - Water supply products and systems. (

      4. Vee Grupp OÜ (Estonia) - WATEX water filter installation expert and distributor in Parnu region, Estonia.

      Contact information: Vee Grupp OÜ; Jorgen Nittim; Tel. +372 508 9848; e-mail -; address - Pärnumaa, Pärnu linn, Papiniidu tn 5, 80010