Company WATEX ensures the payment of goods with 2 main payment options, which are:

  • Bank transfer based on the issued Proforma - Invoice for the order (for orders in and outside the Baltic states).
  • Card payment online (for orders in the Baltic states).

                                                                               Payment terms

  • If bank transfer option is selected, then client bears any bank charges arisen in connection with the money transfer. When making the payment client has to select the "OUR" option.
  • If bank transfer option is selected, then the payment should be done only after the receival of the Proforma - Invoice, in the payment goal indicating the Invoice number.
  • If the payer is not the one who placed an order, in the payment goal should be shown the Name, Surname and Invoice number for the person who placed the order.
  • Make sure that the correct products and quantities have been ordered before payment.