Like any appliance, water filters may need to be replaced, upgraded or replaced during operation. Company WATEX offers a wide range of water filter components for this purpose.

Depending on the type and model of water filters used, we offer different types of water filter components that are required for both maintenance and spare parts for equipment repairs.

Our offer:

  • CLACK control valves - these electronic devices are designed for water filters as the first point of contact for water. They detect and control the automatic regeneration of the equipment and regulate the water flow in the filter. Various parameters can be set in the control unit, such as regeneration time on specific days, rinsing frequency, etc. All information is stored in the control unit even in the event of a power failure.
  • CLACK WS control valve accessories - these water filter components are necessary elements to ensure the operation of the CLACK control valves: connection fittings, pistons, motors and other parts.
  • CLACK WS control valve spare parts - replacement water filter components used for equipment maintenance or repair work. These water filter components are injectors, control valve housings or bodys, electronic boards, adapters, etc.
  • Filtering material - water filter components required for efficient and correct operation of water filters and effective particle filtration. These include products such as oxidation materials, quartz sand mainly for the filter support layer, mechanical particle filtration materials, granular activated carbon, pH neutralizing materials and ion exchange resins.
  • Brine tanks and Pottasium Permanganate tanks - store brine solutions and potassium permanganate liquid, require periodic replenishment of reagents or replacement of the tank or its components.
  • Reverse osmosis water filter components - we offer membrane housings and membranes for Reverse Osmosis systems.
  • Filter tanks - One of the main water filter components are water filter pressure tanks of various sizes are offered for the private sector, industry and municipal sector. In case of intensive operation or wear, the water filter may need to be replaced. Anti-condensation jsckets and distributors are also available.
  • Solenoid valves - Durable, high quality valves for use in systems that are in regular contact with water, air, or solutions containing weak acids and alkalis.
  • Dosing systems - the offer includes dosing pumps that are more often used for dosing of various reagents in water treatment systems, as well as the offer includes reagent tanks for dosing systems.
  • Flow meters - essential water filter components of water filters needed to determine the flow of water to make precise adjustment of treatment plants.
  • Air release valves - spare parts required in water supply systems where air is used as a reagent and air release valves are used to release excess air from the system.
  • Compressors - powerful compressors for air supply and regulation in both water treatment systems and other applications.
  • Pressure gauges - 6, 10 and 16 bar pressure gauges with glycerin for measuring water pressure.
  • IN & OUT units - this group offers manual flushing valves, control units and aeration heads.

Our advantages:

  • water filter components from proven, world-leading manufacturers;
  • high quality and compliance with European Union and Latvian standards;
  • wide range of spare parts;
  • fast execution of orders;
  • responsive customer service.