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Modern water filters must be able to provide high quality water treatment over a long period of time with minimal maintenance of the equipment, which also does not require special skills and unnecessary time consumption. With modern technology, each of us can choose how clean water we want to use and install appropriate water filters for the whole house or only just drinking water filters under the kitchen sink.

When it comes to water treatment, the first thing we think of most often are water filters. However, neither water filters for the apartment nor water filters for the house can be installed without consulting a specialist. Water analysis must be performed to accurately determine water quality. Only then can you figure out which water filters will be the best for your needs. In addition, it is important to know the number of water users at home and the number of water taps. This data can help to calculate the potential water consumption and how many and what type of water filters will be needed.

Our company offers a wide range of water treatment equipment and water filters for various needs. Most of the products are manufactured on site in Latvia, at the WATEX premises, ensuring high quality and compliance with the standards set by the European Union and Latvia for drinking water quality.

Our offer:

  • Drinking water filters - compact, easy to install and easy to maintain household water filters usually placed under the kitchen sink. A wide range of Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis drinking water filters are available. We offer all spare parts for our drinking water filter - water filter components and spare parts, cartridges, drinking water faucets and more. Everything you need for drinking water filters to work without problems for many years.
  • Mechanical water filters - these water purification filters are designed to remove mechanical particles - mostly sand, mud, rust, clay and other mechanical impurities. These are especially in demand water filters for private homes at the ‘’point of entry’’. We offer both ordinary filter cartridges and rinsable mechanical filters, bag water filters as well as WATEX manually operated Sand filters MQ and automatic units CTQ.
  • Iron removal filters - water filters for home, business or industrial use to reduce the iron content in the water, thus improving colour, taste, odour of the water as well as improving its characteristics for plumbing equipment.
  • Softening filters - water softening filters are especially in demand, taking into account that “hard” (limescale) water is very common in Latvia as well as around the world.
  • MultiMix water filters - these are water filters for private houses, summer houses, guest houses, which are able to purify not only hardness salts, but also purify water completely from organic matter, iron content and water hardness.
  • Water smell removal filters - activated carbon or aeration water filters for private houses, apartments, guest houses or small manufacturing companies are used. These filters improve the quality of mainly groundwater in which odour can be observed. Smell removal water filers can reduce turbidity, neutralize unpleasant odors and improve taste.

Our advantages:

  • wide assortment;
  • quality of goods checked;
  • professional consultations;
  • high customer service culture;
  • competitive prices.
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