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DIGIFLOW water meter 6000R-L

Product code: 6000R-L
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The DigiFlow 6000R-L is a totalising flow meter with an LCD display. It shows the accumulated volume flowing through the filter.

  • The DigiFlow 6000R can monitor the volume flow of up to five filters.
  • Users can program the volume for each filter.
  • The DigiFlow 6000R will count up from zero until the total amount is reached. A quick key press can easily check out the remaining flow volume of each filter. When any filter’s individual flow volume is reached, it will generate an audible alert and flash the filter number on screen.
  • Two AAA alkaline batteries last for more more than two years.
  • The status is automatically memorized when the power is lost.
  • It is designed mainly for residential and industrial water treatment applications.
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