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WATEX SNOW PAD drinking water filter

Manufacturer: HIDROTEK
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WATEX SNOW PAD drinking water filter is a 4-stage filtration system. Water is effectively cleaned of rust, scale, organic and chlorine-containing contaminants, heavy metal compounds, nitrites, nitrates, ammonium, pesticides and other harmful impurities. The taste of the water is improved and odor is eliminated. The water is also purified from bacteriological pollution - microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. Filtered water - with a low degree of mineralization.

The filter does not use any chemical reagents, only filtration of varying degrees and absorption by activated carbon. The water after the filter becomes useful for the human body and houseplants. Household appliances last longer (iron, coffee maker, kettle, etc.) as the filter reduces the calcium and magnesium content in the water, thereby reducing the formation of scale on plumbing fixtures.

Watex Snow PAD characteristics:
  • Patented built-in auto-shut-off valves 
  • both in filters and the base  
  • Integrated waterway
  • no tubes or fittings, no leakage risk 
  • Filters lifespan (PP&CTO&T33):2000 liters  
  • Pure Water Flow:1.2 liters/Min  
  • Machine Dimension: 400×106×455 mm 
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Technical parameters:

  • Built-in shut-off valves
  • Tubes integrated in cartridges
  • Cartridge (PP & CTO & T33) efficient cycle 2000 liters
  • Membrane service life 3 years
  • Clean water flow 1.2 liters / min
  • Filter dimensions: 40.0 × 10.6 × 45.5 cm
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The set includes:   

  • Compact box with Filter elements and ready-to-use piping system 
  • Water tap for drinking, connection to the sink or separate bracket
  • Easy-to-use work kit for convenient connection of the filter to the water source
  • Instructions for use and installation
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