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RO75GPD cartridge only set

Product code: RO75KOMPL1
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Drinking water reverse osmosis water filter RO75GPD filter cartridge set.

It is recommended to change cartridges every 6 months but not less than every year.

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The set includes:

  • The polypropylene cartridge (5μm) – performs the protecting function of the reverse osmosis membrane from mechanical particles (sand, scale, rust and sediment).
  • Granulated activated carbon cartridge – removes free chlorine, tastes, odors, color, and organic and organochlorine substances.
  • Block carbon cartridge – for protection of reverse osmosis membrane from the removal of free chlorine and organic compounds, flavours, smells, colours.
  • Carbon post-filter – designed to improve the organoleptic characteristics issued on water consumption.
  • Quick connections to 1/4'' pipes

Width cm

Height cm

Length cm

Weight kg





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