Products for Process and Drinking water purification



WATEX CMS TWIN series equipment is a water softening equipment for process and drinking water purposes. It is able to reduce water hardness and iron content.


For recovery of filtering material (ion resins) reagent (NaCl or salt tablets) is used. Wastewaters produced in regeneration processes of equipment in WATEX CMS TWIN can be directly discharged to biological wastewater treatment plant. WATEX CMS TWIN consists of a 2 filter columns, 1 control unit and 1 brine tank. The filter columns are filled with ion exchange resin (cationic), that reduces hardness and iron concentration in water. The control unit performs automatic regeneration. Salt tank is filled with a reagent (NaCl, salt tablets) for resin regeneration. Capacity of filter material is calculated according to amount of resins and raw water quality.


WATEX CMS TWIN is equipped with a Clack WS CI  control unit, with a built-in flow meter that performs filter material regeneration according to water consumption. Both filter columns do not perform regeneration in the same time. One filter column filters water and provides customer with purified water. When filter column has to be regenerated other filter column starts to filter water. With this setup one, filter column functions all the time and customers will be provided with purified water 24h a day. It has to be notified that all time only one column is functional and other column stands still or performs regeneration. Regeneration is performed immediately after capacity of filter material is exhausted. Flowmeter saves water and salt used for softener regeneration. Control unit saves all information in case of power failure. Equipment has many parameters that can be adjusted according to needs, such as washing time, frequency, reagent consumption, and so on. It is possible to change the water hardness.


Although the equipment uses salt tablets for regeneration it is safe to use filtered water for drinking and other human needs. It is necessary to provide electricity connection power (one socket), sewerage drainage and incoming / outgoing water supply with minimum pressure of 2.5 bar.


Recommendation! Before selection of equipment, it is recommended to test raw water chemical composition.

Recommendation! Before the water filter, it is preferable to install mechanical filter to ensure long-term equipment service life.