Products for Process and Drinking water purification



WATEX FA series filters are designed to purify water from turbidity, colorfulness, iron, manganese and odor for villages, cities and industrial enterprises. Mainly it is used for groundwater purification.


FA filter operating principle is based on aeration and filtration. When water is aerated, iron, manganese and mechanical impurities form sediments, which can be filtered. Suspended solids are filtered through filtering media, which has been poured in to filter. Filters depending on pollution levels and water consumption have to be rinsed regularly. Filters after rinsing are regenerated and can purify water. Equipment consists from  filter and compressor. The equipment is fully assembled in the factory and only has to be connected to water, sewage water system, electricity and it will be operational.


The system is equipped with two electric three way valves, which make the system simple and inexpensive in operation. Piping system is made from PVC pipes and fittings (Also available stainless steel assembly connections.. Filters can be rinsed in automatic mode as well as manual mode.


Pressure filter tanks are made from fiberglass with inner PE coating that can hold pressure up to PN10. Also available galvanized metal pressure tanks as well as Steel tanks with food grade color coating and stainless steel tanks.


For water purification filtering material Aqua-Mandix and quartz sand with different grain size (0.4-0.8mm, 1-3 mm, 3-5mm) is being used. Porous structure of Aqua-Mandix provides a large active surface and provides efficient adsorption and accumulation of sediments.

CONTROL UNIT                                                  

Filters are equipped with automatic control unit with LCD display, which can be used to change filter parameters like date, time, protection from access by unauthorized persons. The system is compatible with SCADA and GSM notification system, filter rinsing after volume of water consumed, the filtering material loosening blower or compressor can be added.

AIR SUPPLY                                                        

For water aeration oil-free air compressor has to be installed. The system can be equipped with any manufacturers of oil-free compressor. The system has built-in air control unit. Air control system has built-in flow switch, which gives a signal to electromagnetic valve to open when water is flowing. Air is injected to water before the filters.


Filters will provide with good quality water if operating personnel will ensure proper air supply, and unnecessary air removal and regular rinsing processes. Water purification system does not require specific chemical admixtures that have to be refilled.