Products for Process and Drinking water purification

By following the needs and development of our clients in different fields, WATEX offers professional service and high quality chemicals for water treatment – JurbySoft. This product line is known in the market for more than 20 years and recognized all around the world.

Efficiency is directly dependent on lifetime and stable operation of equipment for all industrial companies. Water quality and physical characteristics are extremely important for many heat, cooling and process devices. Water treatment combined with chemical addition stabilize and ensure stable water quality in water network.

Such problems like corrosiveness, scale, sedimentation, impurities and microbiological activeness can be limited by JurbySoft chemicals allowing enterprises to optimize resource consumption, increase productivity, enjoy failure free operation, prolong equipment lifetimes, decrease running costs, enhance final product quality and minimize the environmental load.

WATEX company also offers high-quality salt and potassium permanganate for the filter regeneration to provide the customer with drinking water that meets the quality requirements.

The advantages of JurbySoft are tested and world-widely used reagents, wide product range, assured user support and consultations. Watex experience in the field of water purification provides us with the ability to give versatile and objective consultations as our competence covers both water filtration and chemical water treatment.

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