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Salt granules BROXO 6-15 (25 kg)

Manufacturer: BROXO
Product code: Broxo
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For deliveries outside Latvia minimum order quantity 20 bags!

For domestic and industrial use we recommend Akzo Nobel Broxo 6-15 25 kg bags of compacted salt in tablets.

  • The highest quality vacuum salt tablets
  • Proven quality and high pressure technology
  • The right product for every installation
  • Contributes to environmental sustainability
  • 100% soluble salt
  • Excellent performance
  • Efficient - avoids need for expensive maintenance

Salt tablets (NaCl) used by water softening devices in the process of regeneration of ion exchange resins.
CMS and CMA models use salt tablets for regeneration.



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Technical characteristics:

Akzo Nobel Broxo 6-15 compressed under pressure with high quality, containing NaCl over 99.7%.

Package: plastic bags, 25 kg.

Possibility to buy pallet with 40 bags, covered with plastic wrap.

Netto: 1000 kg
Brutto:  1029 kg
L х W х H: 120 х 95 х 95 cm

Usage: salt poured into the brine tank.

Date of Expiry: unlimited.

Width cm

Height cm

Length cm

Weight kg





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