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HIDROTEK UF RED T33I ionized resin cartridge

Manufacturer: HIDROTEK
Product code: UFRedT33-I
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Biofilter consists of ion exchange resins and coconut activated carbon, it is commonly used as a last part of drinking water purification system, because it is able to kill bacteria and viruses that are in water, achieving water sterilization degree of 99.99%. It provides protection against recontamination of purified water, absorbs chlorine and iodine, prevents unpleasant smells and odors. Fused food quality polypropylene casing ensures from leaking. The cartridge is a part of a drinking water treatment system HIDROTEK UF-8.

Basic information:

  • Model: T33I
  • Filtration media: ion exchange resins and activated carbon from coconut
  • Degree of sterilization: 99.99%
  • Type: Water sterilizing filter
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Technical data:

  •     Maximum flow: 2.8 l/min (0.75 GPM)
  •     Permissible pressure: 2.0-8.6 bar (30-125 Psi)
  •     Operating temperature: 4.5-37.8ºC (33-100ºF)
  •     Service life: 2500 l
  •     Type of connection: Quick fittings OD 6 mm
  •     Dimensions: length 300 mm, diameter 50mm

Width cm

Height cm

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