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RO membrane VONTRON ULP32-8040 (10500 GPD)

Manufacturer: VONTRON
Product code: ULP32-8040
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 ULP series of ultra-low pressure aromatic polyamide compound membrane elements can operate under ultra low pressure to reach as high a permeate flow and salt rejection as regular low-pressure membrane elements and are applicable to the desalination of surface water and underground water. They operate at approximately 2 thirds of the operating pressure of regular low-pressure composite membranes and can achieve a salt rejection rate of up to 99.5%, which can decrease the investment costs for such relevant components as pumps, piping, and vessels, etc. including the operating cost for the RO system, thus increasing the economic efficiency.

 Being suitable for the desalting of water sources with salt concentrations lower than 2,000 ppm, such as surface water, underground water etc., ULP series of membrane elements are mainly used for applications such as pure water production, boiler water replenishment, foodstuff processing, and pharmaceutical production.




Active Membrane Area ft2 (m2)


Average Permeated Flow GPD (m3/d)


Stable Rejection Rate (%)


Minimum Rejection Rate (%)


400 (37.0)

10500 (39.7)



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