Water quality problems and solutions


Hydrogen sulphide and methane are present many places in the ground water and are formed by the decomposition of organic substances under oxygen-free conditions. Both gasses give cause for different problems for a waterworks. Filters are clogged up by bacterial slime which reduces the content of oxygen and often, bad smell is also an indication of bacteria. In some cases, the bacteria can form hydrogen sulphide and methane. It is important that all hydrogen sulphide and methane are removed because a residual amount of these gasses in the water will complicate the removal of iron and ammonium afterwards.


Hydrogen sulfide and methane gases are removed from water by aeration. Air is supplied in water, mixed with water and then released through air release valves.

Gas removal could be combined with iron and manganese removal.

We have standard models WATEX RCTB and FA series. Systems installed with different filter tank quantity.  Filter tanks are available from carbon steel, stainless steel AISI304 or plastic FRP. Pipelines also made from Stainless steel or PVC-U.

Wide range engineering solutions from low cost to premium up to 800 m3/hour.