Water quality problems and solutions


Ammonium ions in potable water may adversely affect the effectiveness of the disinfection of water by impairing the manganese may cause damage to the filter (in water systems containing more nitrate) as well as adversely affect water taste and smell. There is a definite threshold odor of ammonia concentration – 1.5 mg / l (at an alkaline pH), but the taste changes can be detected if the ammonium concentration is 35 mg / l, more particularly, a susceptible individual may feel ammonium ions, even if concentration level lower.


Ammonuim effectively could be reduced with several solutions: aeration+biological nitrification with sand a porous calcium-based filter material filtration, ion exchange regenerated with salt or reverse osmosis.

Aeration+biological nitrification products WATEX RCTB or WATEX FA type.

Ion exchange products WATEX CMS type.

Reverse osmosis systems WATEX WRO type.