Water treatment plant in Auce, Latvia

From December 2011 till September 2012 SIA “WATEX” carried out a project in Auce, Auce district within the project “Water abstraction, treatment and storage unit construction in Auce”. Within project, SIA “WATEX” implemented the following works:

  • Installed water treatment plant WATEX FA1100x3 with stainless steel assembly connections;
  • Installed air supply system for filter aeration;
  • Installed air supply system for filter flushing;
  • Installed water disinfection system;
  • Installed second uplift pumping station;
  • Set up SCADA system for process visualization;
  • Completed construction works in high quality.

In the end of project customer was provided with water that meets all demands of Latvian legislation.


Key parameters
Water filters Filters WATEX FA1100x3 with maximum water treatment capacity of 35 m3/h. Ability to remove iron, manganese, turbidity, odor and colorfulness.
Second uplift pumping station Pumping station that can provide customer with water even in maximum consumption period.
Stainless steel pipeline Stainless steel piping for sustainable water treatment plant operation.
SCADA Process automated system that allows to control and visualize all processes of water treatment plant. SMS message system that, in café of incident in water treatment plant, allows to react immediately and solve technical issues in short time as possible.


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