Products for Process and Drinking water purification


WATEX CMG series devices are effective drinking water treatment equipment, which reduces iron, manganese and turbidity in the water at the same time. It uses reagent (potassium permanganate) to remove iron. Despite the fact that the reagent is used, water can be used for drinking and other human life needs.

WATEX CMG series equipment is based on a catalytic filtering material. “Greensand” The filter material is able to oxidize ferrous iron is present in the water and store it in the filter. To remove accumulated iron unit is automatically regenerated (rinsed). For regeneration KMnO4 is used. It restores the filtering material’s ability to oxidize iron. The equipment has an electronic CLACK WS1 (USA) controller that controls the automatic regeneration (time control). The control unit all the information remains even if a power failure.

It is necessary to provide electricity connection power (one socket), sewerage drainage and incoming / outgoing water supply with minimum pressure of 2.5 bar.