Drinking water


Underground water is mainly used for water supply of apartment buildings, villages and cities. In situations where access to water from underground is limited or insufficient, surface water from rivers, lakes and seas is used.

Regardless of the water source, drinking water must be chemically and bacteriologically safe and meet the water quality requirements. The main quality problems of underground water is elevated content of iron, manganese, ammonium, sulfates, chlorides and hydrogen sulfide. In some regions extra problems can occur such as increased content of arsenic and nitrites and presence of viruses and bacteria.


The main technologies for solving the problems connected with underground water quality are:

  • Oxidation and filtration by WATEX FA or WATEX RCTB;
  • Membrane technologies by WATEX WRO reverse osmosis or WATEX WNF nanofiltration;
  • Disinfection by UV disinfection units.


SIA WATEX can ensure all types of product development:

  • manufacture and supply prefabricated plant;
  • frame mounted plant;
  • plant integrated in container.


Every plant is specially designed and drawn by taking into consideration such parameters as water quality, consumption and customer requirements.